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Ashton Wolf is a singer/songwriter of extraordinary ability. He combines contemporary themes with extensive arrangements for a powerhouse, explosive "wall of sound". Last year he completed work on his debut CD of original material, "WolfTales". This year he has completed recording his second CD of all original material, "WolfTales II".  All the same great players return to play on another explosive compilation of songs written and arranged by Ashton Wolf.

"...He's tons of fun and very unique" - Kelly McKay   99.5, WZPL, Indianapolis

"...a Brash, edgy, lyrical explosion" - ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY

Ashton spent the year 2001 writing, arranging and recording his first full-length CD of original music. Although he has years of experience in the recording studio, WolfTales is an achievement that shows the full extent of his talents as a writer and an arranger fully realized. This high-powered composition, complete with musicians from the Cincinnati Symphony and The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, is truly a link to the past and future of music.     WolfTales II was released in September 2003.

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